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          TFC全稱為Taihu Forum for Chinese Customs(太湖.中國海關事務論壇),由精英關務論壇(www.56customs.com)與一諾關務咨詢主要發起創辦。 致力于中國的海關事務分享、交流與傳播,搭建企業與海關溝通的橋梁,TFC會員近百家,VIP會員尊享更多服務。

          TFC forum, the whole name is Taihu Forum for Chinese Customs, was found by Elite Customs Forum and Enuo consulting together, TFC committed to China's Customs affairs knowledge sharing, discussion and extending,  and build a bridge between enterprises and Customs communication, current about 100 TFC members enjoy the excellent services.

          VIP會員尊享服務 VIP service

          l  年度峰會尊享2個免費名額

            Annual Forum 2 free tickets.

          l  精品公開課,4次免費,低至5-7.5

           Excellent Opening course with 2 free tickets

          l   月度精品沙龍,6次免費  

           6 free tickets of knowledge Salon

          l  關務問題免費郵件和電話答疑    

          Free  consulting by phone or mail

          l  會員專項戶外學習活動  

           Enjoy the TFC members team building 

          計入TFC VIP會員,享受精品關務服務

          詳細聯絡:客服人員 service01@sz-enuo.com

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