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Disclaimer & Limitation of Liability

•    We are not liable for any errors including but not limited to grammar, wrong/mistyped email address, website, contact numbers, job requirements, posted compensation and others. Job posters should include ONLY one (1) website and email address along with their job order submission.
•    This site contains links to other sites. We are not, in any way, responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such web sites.
•    Employers may do background check without the applicant’s knowledge. We have, in any way nothing to do with the background checking that employers may conduct.
•    We do not interfere to any transaction and agreement between the applicant and employer.
•    Advertisements, Affiliated Sites & Linked Sites. It is in our utmost expectations that our partners, advertisers and third-party affiliates to respect the privacy of our users. Nevertheless, third parties, including our advertisers, affiliates and other content providers available in this website, may have their own privacy and data collection practices and terms.
•    We reserve the right to add/remove job position, if necessary.
•    We do not encourage job posts that request applicants to pay deposits, placement fees, processing fees or any other fees similar in nature, directly or indirectly. Any employer who posts such kind of request is required to indicate the deposits, fees or payment requirement clearly in the job post. We are not in any way, involved in such transaction.

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

ITPinoy.com is committed in protecting the privacy of our users. All data/application sent by job seekers through this site will be sent directly to the employers.  Please be advised that some employers/job posters might undertake to perform a pre-employment background check on applicants based on their application and/or interview. By applying for the position, applicants are deemed to have affirmed to such a pre-employment background check being conducted with no further notice or mandatory consent.

For employers/job posters, all email addresses you’ve submitted along with the job offers will be used to contact you occasionally to keep you updated with this site and other changes that might affect your posts. Your email address or any other personal details will never be used for any marketing purposes and/or be disclosed to third party sites or individuals. Profile and demographic data is also collected on this site. The information could be shared with advertisers on an aggregate basis only.

• The submitted job offer of first time user will be subject for manual verification. Once the email used has been verified, succeeding submissions will be instantly published.
• All posts must be job orders. Other than specified will be deleted without any advance notice/advice. We have the right to disapproved job order submissions that we find foul, degrading and unauthorized by the specified company.
• We will use your information only as permitted by law.
• Resumes sent by job seekers will be stored and indexed to be used for future openings. Job seekers qualified for the job will be contacted for interviews.

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